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The 2019 Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development Index (PCSDI) 2019 revises and enhances the Policy Coherence Development Index (PCDI) drawn up by the Plataforma 2015 y más. This edition was put together by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers with the cooperation of specialists in statistics and was coordinated by the Spanish Platform for NGDOs and the Spanish Network of Development Studies (REEDES). In addition to adding the adjective sustainable to the name of the tool and adapting it to the new international framework of agendas and sustainable development goals, the PCSDI incorporates stricter thresholds for missing data, revised and adjusted variables, modifications in the methods for weighting and standardizing, and an overhaul of the environmental component. While maintaining and consolidating the focus of the original research, these developments add rigour, consistency, tran parency and ease of interpretation to the 2019 PCSDI, thus heightening its potential for use in research and studies.

Owing to these differences, the 2019 PCSDI findings are not comparable to those of the 2016 PCDI, meaning that changes in the countries’ scores and rakings cannot be interpreted as variations in these countries’ policy coherence performance