• Organiza: Cáritas Española
  • Fecha límite de presentación de candidaturas: 28/07/2017
  • Duración del contrato: 18 months
  • Tipo de contrato: External servide by Fixed-term
  • Dónde: Tailand

For more information, see the Terms of reference attachments ToR Call for application Systematization of Experiences Thailand

Technical and financial proposals will be submitted before July 28th 2017 by mail. Staff responsible for receiving tenders:
Noelia de Pablo Torres: ndepablo.ssgg@caritas.es
Vittoria Garofalo: vgarofalo.ssgg@caritas.es
Fátima Zidan: fzidan.ssgg@caritas.es
Ben Mendoza: ben@coerr.org

The submitted proposals must include at least the following Information (all the documents must be submitted in English):

1. Technical proposal for the consultancy based on the present ToRs, indicating the proposed technical approach and methodology to reach the foreseen objectives.
2. Work-plan, including the different consultancy phases (duration and frequency of the field visits and Schedule for the submission of the consultancy products).
3. Financial proposal in EUROS specifying: consultancy fees + per diem + travelling costs + hired services (translation). If the consultant team lives outside Spain, information shall be provided on the applicable tax regimes.
4. CV of the consultant/consultant team.

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