• Organiza: Médicos del Mundo
  • Fecha límite de presentación de candidaturas: 04/01/2019
  • Duración del contrato: 06/05/2019 - 04/05/2020
  • Tipo de contrato: Voluntariado
  • Dónde: Nouakchott (Mauritania)


The EU Aid Volunteer will be based in Nouakchott and will be under the direct supervision of the Country Coordinator. He / she will be in charge of realizing the identification and design of new projects as well as the monitoring and evaluation of programs. He / She will be in charge of validating the drafting and preparation of the complete proposals for submission to the donors, in the reporting of the ongoing projects related to the financing of the donors and in other necessary monitoring and management tasks. In 1993, Médicos del Mundo Spain began to develop programs and projects for Maternal and Child Health (SMI) in Mauritania, evolving since 2000 to programs and projects on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), a field in which and a long experience in different continents and countries. Throughout these years of presence in the country, Médicos del Mundo has carried out more than thirty interventions of both development and humanitarian action. In the field of development, interventions have focused on the strengthening of Primary Health Care (PHC) in different settings and places: the strengthening and decentralization of tuberculosis services at the national level (Nouakchott with the creation of Assaba, Hodh El Garbi, Hodh El Chargui, Nouadibou) and improving access to primary health care for the population in Nouakchott, Nouadibou and the Trarza region. In the field of humanitarian action, the organization has responded to health emergencies of various kinds: cholera (Nouakchott), floods (Hodh El garbi / Tintan), expulsions of immigrants (Nouadibou) and the response to the successive nutritional crises that the country is experiencing since 2012, among others. Likewise, it maintains contingency plans in its areas of action to be able to act in case of need. Operationally as the most recent background and as actual projects, it is worth mentionning: – The reinforcement of sexual and reproductive health services in Nouakchott and Guidimakha through the creation of the first two units of care and treatment of victims of sexual violence in the country in the intervention areas already mentioned and the holistic work on the violence based on gender, specifically child marriages, female genital mutilation, conjugal and sexual violence. -The care and treatment of children under 5 years of age in situations of severe acute malnutrition and prevention at the community level. -The strengthening of health structures and health personnel through training supervisions with a vision of universal health coverage and gender equity. Currently, and with a focus on equity and human rights, MdM develops its activities of institutional strengthening of the health system focused mainly on primary health care in the field of nutrition, sexual and reproductive health and protection of children in situations of vulnerability in the Guidimakha region and in the city of Nouakchott, where several projects are implemented with the aim of strengthening access to social services for women, adolescents and children. Likewise since 2016, MdM works directly in the field of gender-based violence, more specifically in sexual violence and in female genital mutilation, ensuring the right to access integrated and quality basic services (doctors- psychological-legal) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, civil society organizations, WHO and the United Nations system.


1. Identification, preparation and drafting of proposals for submission to international and national donors. Under the direction of the Deputy Country Director and in collaboration with the various coordinators but also the basic leaders of the mission, the Grant Writer / reporting officer drafts and prepares complete proposals (preparation of the final package for each proposal: narrative budget and annexes) to be presented in the official languages of the donors. In case of need, he / she will prepare and support the missions of detailed identification of the interventions in the zones targeted by the mission of Mauritania. If necessary, support the missions to review, analyze and capitalize on the various assessments / identification of needs in the field.
2. Supports all Reporting activities
Supports the Coordination team in the reporting (internal and external) of ongoing projects by ensuring the knowledge and application of internal and external guidelines to ensure compliance with quality standards and deadlines.
Ensures the revision and submission of the necessary reports and supporting documents for each report (intermediate, final, etc …).
Supports project teams in processing and preparing responses to requests from donors as well as in the various requests for information or other challenges that may arise.
Verifies and ensures the reliability and consistency of the data produced by the teams and facilitates the updating of the information of the Donor Contracts on the internal document of the Project Cycle Management System on a regular basis.
Ensures that the information and recommendations provided by previous programs, donors, evaluation reports and internal or external audits are taken into account and integrated.
Refreshes all Mission reporting and Propal monitoring tools.
3. Strengthening the capacity of the national team of MdM and partners
Identify the need for training on project monitoring, project management, gender perspective, needs analysis … etc and organize training
4. Other functions:
He / She may be required to perform other tasks at the request of the Country Coordination and in the interest of the organization.
He / She will supervise the management of the material resources of the project made available to MdM to ensure proper use and ensure their longevity.

Shortlisting and interviews are expected to take place on a rolling basis (January-February 2019) with the Deployment commencing in May 2019.
Please note that only completed applications that are submitted through http://www.mdm-euaidvolunteers.org/join-euav/ will be considered.
Applications should include:
• Completed EUAV application form (in French)
• CV in Europass format (in French)
• Completed EUAV Self Assessment Questionnaire (in French)
• Motivation Letter (in French)

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