• Organiza:

    Alianza por la Solidaridad

  • Fecha límite de presentación de candidaturas: 18/01/2019
  • Dónde: Madrid (España)

Organisation:     Alianza Por la Solidaridad, member of ActionAid International

Availability:        As soon as possible

Location:             Madrid, Spain

Reports to:          Deputy Executive Director

Salary:                 Competitive salary (40.000-45.000)





Alianza por la Solidaridad is a well established Spanish NGO, working to promote Human Rights and Social Justice in more than 36 countries all over the world and a member of the ActionAid International Federation.


Alianza has been traditionally relying on institutional funds and has managed to diversify its donor portfolio and sources of income. Since 2014, the organization has also been running a small individual giving programme that has already reached the breakeven point, so representing a steady income for the organization.


The ActionAid International Federation has considered the growing potentials of the Spanish market and the solidity of the existing member and has approved an investment in Spain for developing the individual giving fundraising programme of its Spanish partner. This will constitute a new, crucial and exciting phase for Alianza that will lead to an important growth of the organization through the launch of a new fundraising programme.



Purpose of this position:


Alianza Por la Solidaridad, member of the ActionAid International Federation, is therefore seeking for a Fundraising Director to spearhead the dynamic growth of its fundraising operations. This Fundraising Director is in the unique and exciting position to build a new fundraising programme in Spain, supported by a team of international experts from the ActionAid network.


We are looking for a person who is passionate with a high level of energy, motivation and oriented to achieve results.


The Fundraising Director will drive the development of the fundraising operations and will be responsible for the revenue growth of the organization and for maximizing income from existing and new individual regular giving programmes.



Key responsibilities:


Programme start-up & management       

  • Based on the existing market assessment and knowledge of the market, guide the re-design of new fundraising products and campaigns on different acquisition channels (F2F, digital, lead generation and conversion, other direct marketing campaigns).
  • Based on the existing business plan, review the fundraising plan for 2019, build and guide the team, spearhead the organization throughout multi-sector and multi-channel integrated campaigns so to maximise the fundraising results as well as the public profile.
  • Ensure a data-driven decision-making, set-up regular monitoring and reporting processes, supported by adequate systems. If necessary, guide the acquisition or the improvement of the CRM and the business intelligence tools/systems.
  • Identify strategic suppliers and guide the negotiations so to consolidate and give a significant boost to the fundraising strategy.
  • Make strategic decisions on fundraising and support them with the rest of the management and the governing bodies based on performance analyses and resource availability.
  • Lead, manage, motivate and build the capacity of a team of performing fundraisers to ensure the desired level of productivity and competency towards fundraising programmes.


Donor acquisition

  • Lead the development of direct marketing campaigns online and offline heading to increase the regular donor base of the organization, as well as the income deriving from it. Particularly pursue fundraising opportunities that offer continuity and stability to the organization, so prioritizing solutions that enable the generation of unrestricted funds.
  • Lead the growth of the donor acquisition via face-to-face, digital channels, lead generation and conversion.
  • Particularly focus on expanding the digital prospect base of the organization and identify suppliers, campaigns, engagement pathways that can leverage the organisation’s capacity to use the digital space and grab as many individual giving opportunities as possible from these channels and/or through conversion of leads generated on these channels.
  • Design and develop integrated multi-channel campaigns that involve and get support and boost from the different organizational sectors (national and international programmes, advocacy campaigns, communications and fundraising), so contributing to build the organization’s public profile and maximise the fundraising results.


Supporter base

  • Ensure the development of donor loyalty programs and the maximization of the income.
  • Design and guide processes of prospect continuity, welcome, recurring payment processes, cancellation, reactivation, etcetera.
  • Oversee an effective management of the organisation’s supporters base, through effective communication cycles and engagement pathways, in order to ensure a longer and longer lifetime period and a higher and higher lifetime value.
  • Ensure the implementation of innovative, up-to-date and customized approaches, communications and programmes.



  • Design and lead the communication strategy that includes the increase of our brand recognition, the definition and promotion of a strong “public face” that reflects the organization’s identity and supports the fundraising goals.
  • Guide the organization through pursuing the highest level of public engagement in Alianza’s campaigns, so to increase their impact in terms of awareness raising, advocacy goals and generation of leads for fundraising.
  • Promote and ensure the alignment among the different areas of the organization (programmes, campaigns, fundraising) through a consistent and impactful communication.



Required Skills and Experience:


Education & language

  • Degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant field
  • Professional qualification in a marketing related discipline
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Spanish


Essential knowledge & experience

  • At least 10 years’ experience in fundraising at management/senior level
  • Experience working for an international organization or development agency (preferred)
  • Solid experience of acquiring and managing a base of regular giving supporters
  • Proven management experience of marketing for fundraising, especially of face to face programmes, digital marketing, lead generation and conversion and other direct marketing initiatives
  • Solid professional background and expertise of digital marketing and fundraising, generation of digital leads and conversion (preferably for the no profit sector)
  • Proven direct experience of the development of integrated multi-channel campaigns effectively involving the different areas of the organization and generating relevant impact for the organization
  • Comprehension of processes of prospect continuity, donor journeys, customer management
  • Excellent analysis skills and experience of assessing fundraising performance across a broad range of fundraising methods
  • A working knowledge of databases, specifically CRM systems
  • Strong problem solving and strategic thinking skills with experience of and an aptitude for strategic planning



How to apply:

To apply for the post, please send your CV and letter of applicationto June Silinski at jsilinski@aporsolidaridad.org.

Deadline for applications: 18th January 2019


To apply for the position, please send your CV and letter of application to June Silinski at jsilinski@aporsolidaridad.org.

Deadline for applications: 18th January 2019

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