• Organiza: Médicos del Mundo
  • Fecha límite de presentación de candidaturas: 13/05/2018
  • Duración del contrato: 2 meses
  • Tipo de contrato: Consultoría
  • Dónde: Madrid (España)


Commissioned by: Médicos del Mundo – Spain

Closing date: 13/05/2018

Starting date: 21/05/2018

Duration: 2 months

Contract: External Consultancy

Job title: Final Evaluation of the MdM Technical Assistance Consortium Project – EU Aid Volunteers

Location: Madrid (Spain), including travel to the final MdM Technical Assistance Quarterly Meeting in Athens


Terms of Reference


  1. Background and Context:

MdM Spain together with its European partners (MdM Netherlands, MdM Sweden, MdM Belgium, MdM Greece and MdM UK) have responded as a Consortium to the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative Call of the European Union.

1.1 Presentation and Objectives of EU Aid Volunteers Initiative

  • Complement current humanitarian interventions with the deployment of volunteers with a view to supporting local organizations to deliver needs-based humanitarian aid, while also building the capacity and resilience of local communities affected by disasters globally.
  • Strengthen capacities of sending and hosting organizations participating or planning to participate in the EU Volunteers Initiative.

Moreover, as MdM participates as a Consortium in the Technical Assistance project in the framework of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative, it is necessary to implement the mentioned project, following the 3 main EU Regulations:

  1. Regulation Nº 375/2014: establishes the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (= “EU Aid Volunteers Initiative”)
  2. Implementing Regulation Nº 1244/2014: establishes volunteer management procedures, training programme, certification mechanism
  3. Delegated Regulation Nº 1398/2014: establishes standards on recognition, equal opportunities, partnerships and the competence framework


1.2 Objectives of the Technical Assistance Project:

  1. To develop and implement within the MdM Consortium an International Volunteer policy which follows the EU regulations and the MdM vision over the 18-month duration of the project (February 2017 – July 2018).
  2. To develop and standardize HR and security guidelines & tools within the Consortium; to develop a database software for volunteer management within the Consortium, which is aligned with the EU standards and requirements in place.
  3. To tailor and adapt Volunteer organizational structures and knowledge according to the existing MdM Volunteer Policy.
  4. Ensure overall consistency between needs assessment, gaps identified and the implementation of the agreed actions according to the Work Plan.
  5. To raise awareness about the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative and Humanitarian Aid towards European civil society in the hosting countries.


  1. Evaluation purpose:

The current evaluation is meant to be performed right before completion of the MdM Technical Assistance Project – EU Aid Volunteers. The main objective of the evaluation is to assess to what extent the MdM Technical Assistance Consortium Project-EU Aid Volunteers has contributed to achieve the expected results. The evaluation should also analyse the project implementation and the feasible sustainability of the project’s benefits in the framework of the MdM Consortium.

Therefore, the purpose of this evaluation is two-fold, focusing not only on the Project, but also on the Partnership performance throughout the implementation of the specific Project activities.

The main users of this evaluation include MdM Spain staff, such as project managers, operators in charge of the project conception, implementation, but also five MdM partners from the MdM Technical Assistance Consortium – EU Aid Volunteers project to whom accountability is required in the framework of the Project.

Moreover, the evaluation will also be broadly targeted at MdM Network Empowerment Team (NET), whose members could potentially conduct similar activities in the framework of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative.

The MdM Consortium team hopes that this evaluation may help to make improved decisions, to further articulate judgments on the development of future similar Technical Assistance-related activities, as well as to better understand the effects of the Project.


  1. Specific objectives:
  2. As MdM participates as a Consortium in the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative, and MdM-Spain as Head of Consortium, it is relevant for us to evaluate the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative Technical Assistance Project implementation according to the Project Logical framework, Work Plan and Budget and aligned with the EU regulations and EU-MdM Grant Agreement.
  3. The MdM Technical Assistance Consortium management process throughout the implementation of the Project, the external Consultancies and aligned with the MdM International Network Strategy (Roadmap).
  4. The MdM Technical Assistance Consortium products and effects produced by the project implementation.


  1. Evaluation criteria:

The evaluation will assess:

  • Relevance: The extent to which the Specific Objectives of the Project are consistent with MdM partners requirements, country needs, global priorities and partners’ and EU’s policies.
  • Effectiveness: The extent to which the expected results and specific objectives of the Project has been achieved.
  • Coherence: Do the Activities, Consultancies and outputs of the Project have allowed the Specific Objectives to be achieved?
  • Efficiency: The extent to which outputs and/or the desired effects are achieved with the lowest possible use of resources/inputs (funds, expertise, time, administrative costs, etc.)
  • Sustainability: The possible continuation of benefits from the Technical Assistance Project after the Project’s completion
  • Impacts on the MdM partners: effects produced by the Project implementation, directly or indirectly, intended or unintended.


  1. Evaluation scope:

5.1 Timetable and geographical coverage

  • Approx. 2 months starting from the end of May 2018
  • Free schedule with regular contact with MdM-ES Headquarters in Madrid
  • A specific timetable will be established, with specific deadlines set by MdM-Spain and agreed by all members of the MdM Consortium
  • On-site presence will be required at the 6th Quarterly Meeting in Athens (6-8th June 2018)

5.2 Target group

  • MdM Consortium team composed of MdM-Spain EU Aid Volunteers Coordination team, Volunteer Service Managers of MdM-Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Greece;
  • MdM-Spain staff involved in the implementation of the Project activities: General Coordinator, International Programs Director, Volunteer Director and Coordinatorfocal points of the 4 external Consultancies;
  • Network Empowerment Team (NET) Director; MdM International Network;
  • External Consultants: Volunteering & HR, Security E-learning, Database Software, Communication & Visibility.


  1. Budget: Maximum of 10.000 Euros (including VAT)


  1. Approach and Methodology:

The evaluation will be based on a sound methodology with a rigorous design. The technical proposal will be based on an evaluation matrix consisting of a complete set of evaluation questions with indication of specific Judgement Criteria and Indicators, as well as the relevant data collection sources and analytical tools to be used.

Based on initial consultations and documental analysis the evaluation team will adjust in their Inception Report the evaluation methodology and matrix.

During the 6th MdM Technical Assistance Quarterly Meeting in Athens (6-8 June) the evaluation team will carry out interviews/focus groups as well as other data collection tools that they may consider.


  1. Timing and Deliverables:

Deliverables should include:

  • Before Athens meeting (6-8 June 2018) an Inception Report, the detailed description of the methodology to answer the evaluation questions as well as the proposed source of information and data collection procedure. The inception report should also indicate the detailed schedule for the tasks to be undergone (work plan), the activities to be implemented and the deliverables.
  • End of June 2018: draft Evaluation Report, to be discussed among the relevant stakeholders in order to provide comments;
  • End of July 2018: Final Evaluation Report, including:
  • An executive summary
  • An intervention description
  • An evaluation purpose
  • An evaluation methodology
  • Findings
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Annexes


  1. Profile:

Applicants (can be either an entity or person/s) must meet the following requirements:


Required: Knowledge in Evaluation of International Programs

Desirable: Knowledge in International Relations, Third sector, European Union programs and/or Volunteering programs

Professional experience

Required: Minimum 3-5 years of experience in similar works within the Third sector, prior experience in designing and leading evaluations, process management skills

Desirable: Knowledge of projects funded by the European Union

Other requirements

  • Language proficiency: Fluency in English
  • Demonstrated commitment to MdM’s vision, values and principles
  • Up to date knowledge of familiarity of best practice with regards to Volunteer management, from a European perspective
  • Motivation in Humanitarian Aid and/or International Volunteering programs
  • A proven ability to work collaboratively and constructively on a complex Consortium project involving different stakeholders
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Innovation: Ability to work in a dynamic and creative way
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements
  • Ability to design presentations, materials and contents of the project, to be shared and disseminated in public
  • Ability to organize and plan effectively
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  1. Selection process:

Consortium Coordinator MdM EU Aid Volunteers, in coordination with the Evaluation Unit of MdM-Spain:

  • Publication of the Terms of Reference in the countries of the MdM Consortium team (Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Greece)
  • Deadline for the reception of tenders: the 13th of May 2018
  • Pre-selection of the 3 best tenders
  • Validation by the Procurement Committee


  1. Conditions:

Contract of external consultancy of entity and/or person/s

  • Budget: maximum 10.000 € (VAT included)
  • Deliverables defined (see point 8)
  • Approx. 2 months
  • Schedule of payments: 50% upon the signing of the consultancy contract / 25% at mid-term contract period / 25% balance payment at the end of the contract + delivery of the final products
  1. How to apply

Applicants should submit in ENGLISH their technical proposal, detailed budget (including trip to Athens), schedule, motivation letter, track record of the entity and CVs of the Evaluator/s to laure.salies@medicosdelmundo.org and evaluacion@medicosdelmundo.org by 13/05/2018.



Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview.

MdM is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization.

Applicants should submit in ENGLISH their technical proposal, detailed budget (including trip to Athens), schedule, motivation letter, track record of the entity and CVs of the Evaluator/s to laure.salies@medicosdelmundo.org and evaluacion@medicosdelmundo.org by 13/05/2018.