La Coordinadora, The Spanish Development NGO Platform in English

Our history and achievements

Founded in 1986, the Coordinadora de Organizaciones para el Desarrollo (Spanish Development NGO Coordinator, La Coordinadora) is a national network of organisations and social platforms working in the field of development, international solidarity, humanitarian action, education for global citizenship and the defence of human rights anywhere in the world.

What we do

Public policy on international development cooperation * Strengthening the sector * Climate justice * Global citizenship * Sustainable development agenda * Regional and local cooperation  * Humanitarian action * Feminist cooperation * Defending human rights * Migration and refugees * Communication for transformation

Common values

All La Coordinadora’s members share a common outlook and basic principles about the model we want to promote, as well as the causes of poverty and inequalities against which we fight.

We are transparent

«One of the hallmarks of democracy is transparency. Clarity of public accounts, sound management of funds, and accountability must all be firmly guaranteed in any democracy.»

How we organise ourselves

We have a Governing Board, a Technical Team, Nodes and Working Groups. Each piece is essential for La Coordinadora’s undertakings. This is how we work.