How we organise ourselves

We have a Governing Board, a Technical Team, Nodes and Working Groups. Each piece is essential for La Coordinadora’s undertakings. This is how we work:

Governing Board

La Coordinadora has a Governing Board made up of volunteers from our organisations elected by the General Assembly. The Governing Board includes a chair, two vice-chairs, and various members representing our main lines of work. Its function is to take the political decisions necessary if planned actions are to achieve objectives set forth, and it must furthermore ensure that communication between different decision-making and working spaces – the Technical Team, the working groups and the nodes – is achieved.

Technical Team

The Technical Team – in charge of executing the decisions and accompanying the work of the different working groups – is comprised of a management team and persons specialised in training, political and social advocacy, internal strengthening, management, and communication.


The Nodes are responsible for ensuring that all the working groups can offer their input, and that planning includes the different approaches to our common work.

Working Groups

The Working Groups are dedicated to specific advocacy on issues that are crucial to La Coordinadora. Their work feeds into the nodes and contributes to the achievement of La Coordinadora’s objectives.