The Spanish Development NGO Coordinator

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Founded in 1986, The Spanish Development NGO Coordinator (La Coordinadora for short) is the main platform of its kind within sectors such as development cooperation, international solidarity, international aid, peace, education for global citizenship and human rights.

Code of conduct

Since 1998, we have a code of conduct binding on all partner organizations.


Transparency and Good Governance Tool is a pioneering initiative  within the sector whose application has been obligatory for all the entities and the platforms since 2012.

Network of Regional Coordinators

Logo red de Coordinadoras Autonómicas

Made up of 17 NGDO Autonomic Coordinators. Its aim is to generate a common agenda for action coordinator and complement around Cooperation in their territorial scales.


We contribute to improving the lives of more than 48 million people in 110 countries around the world. We are the main platform statewide of development organizations. We work networking with similar organizations in other sectors.

Our vision

We trust someday we will be able to live in a world with no poverty and inequality.  A world with social justice, in peace and with the equitable distribution of existing resources, a world able to prevent and effectively manage humanitarian disasters. A world in which gender does not involve any discrimination and in which the common goods and the planet we inhabit are respected.

We hope that all people can enjoy a social, economic, cultural and political development in which to exercise -without discrimination of gender, age, ethnicity or procedencia- their right to actively participate in improving their lives.

Our mission

Coordinator aims to encourage networking of member organizations. Strengthen joint efforts through mutual support and creation of opportunities for collective work.

We facilitate joint work of our organizations for international cooperation for development processing, to defend human rights and promote social justice and responsible global citizenship.

We represent the values and demands of the sector to society, governments and other external institutions.