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Founded in 1986, the Coordinadora de Organizaciones para el Desarrollo (Spanish Development NGO Coordinator, La Coordinadora) is a national network of organisations and social platforms working in the field of development, international solidarity, humanitarian action, education for global citizenship and the defence of human rights anywhere in the world.

La Coordinadora is comprised of 75 member organisationssix associates and 17 Regional Coordinators and works with over 600 organisations in more than 100 countries for the defence of human rights, gender equality, and the planet itself.

We have a collection of tools – mandatory for organisations of our kind – that ensure transparency as well as good internal and external practices

Code of conduct

Since 1998, we have a Code of Conduct all member organisations of La Coordinadora’s must comply with. The Code breaks down internal and external behaviours.


As of 2012, our Transparency and Good Governance Tool – a pioneering improvement and self-regulation process within the sector – has been mandatory for all members.

Sector Report

This is an interactive tool that collects thousands of data points on the work of our NGDOs. It also embodies our commitment to transparency, accountability and to responsible management of public and private funds.

Network of Regional NGOD Coordinating Committees


17 Regional Coordinators

Our regional counterparties ensure that our autonomous communities-based NGDOs –present in many countries around the world – can join efforts.

This network’s goal is to

Draft common guidelines designed to both coordinate and strengthen cooperation at regional and local levels.

This work stems from

Citizen solidarity, which is a tradition in our country. Spanish cooperation would be nothing without local cooperation.

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Will you join us?

We contribute to improving the lives of over 48 million people in more than 100 countries all over the world. We are the leading national platform of social organisations for development. We network with like-minded organisations from other sectors.

Our vision

La Coordinadora hopes for a world free of poverty and inequality. A world where social justice and an equitable distribution of resources are paramount, a world where humanitarian disasters are prevented and, if not, managed effectively. A world where gender does not define one’s life, where the commons and our planet are respected.

We hope that all people can enjoy social, economic, cultural, and political development, that they can truly exercise their right to actively participate in improving their lives, in a world in which gender, age, ethnicity, or origin are biases of the past.

Our mission

We strive to help member organisations network and work together. We strengthen joint initiatives through mutual support and by creating collective workspaces. We help our partners work hand in hand, in favour of a transformative international development cooperation that defends human rights, social justice, and gender equality, and that promotes responsible and participatory global citizenship. We represent the values upheld by the sector and the demands it makes of society, public administrations, and other external institutions.

We work together with national and international networks to bolster public policies that enshrine both human rights and the protection of the planet.

Still have doubts?

We look forward to answering your questions in the FAQ section.